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Welcome to the Wild Heart of Australia's Great Ocean Road!

Lose yourself on a network of trails and lookouts in Port Campbell National Park. Sample gourmet produce from Camperdown to the coast and join pilgrims from around the world paying dusk and dawn homage at the spectacular 12 Apostles.


Explore The Region.....

  • Attractions/Activities


    Helicopter scenic flights, boat trips, lighthouses, ziplines, a sound and light show, museums, bike hire, guided tours and activities. Make the most of your holiday at the 12 Apostles. Click here and turn your holiday into a whoo - hoooliday!



    It's not too late! Many of our properties don't have availability online. Call 1300 137 255 for accommodation availability in and around Port Campbell today! Talk to a human and let us direct you towards availability in self contained houses, apartments, motels and cottages. Time to make some "Sweet autumn memories"

  • Camperdown


    Well preserved architecture, lakes, green rolling pasture and manicured streetscapes create visions of England on the volcanic plain just north of the coast. Click here and discover Camperdown just 50km from Port Campbell. Check out our Markets and Events section to enjoy a local event!

  • Great Ocean Road Journey

    Great Ocean Road Journey

    The Great Ocean Road is one of the world's most spectacular drives, getting here is part of the fun! Cliff hugging curves, seaside cafe's, emerald rainforest, fresh local produce and charming seaside villages await your discovery on route to the spectacular limestone formations of Port Campbell National Park. Click here to discover more about the Great Ocean Road Journey and call into a local Visitor Information Centre on the way.

  • Gourmet produce

    Gourmet produce

    Small region big trophy cabinet - award winning, cheese, whisky and wine. Crowd pleasing chocolate, crayfish, ice cream, yoghurt, strawberries and beer from Camperdown to the Coast. Visit these businesses as part of a 70km loop that includes the coastal attractions east and west of Port Campbell. Look for a map in the 12 Apostles brochure or pick one up from the Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    Wildlife Viewing

    Opportunity for wildlife viewing around Port Campbell and the 12 Apostles is exceptional for those with time and patience. Dusk and dawn provides best viewing for many species it is also cue time for three of our local wildlife shows. Click here for all the details and increase your chances of having a close encounter of your own. Visitors that encounter sick or injured wildlife should contact 1300 094 543

  • Trails and lookouts

    Trails and lookouts

    Find your own space to connect with some of the most amazing landscapes on the planet! A world class network of trails and lookouts await your careful exploration around the towns of Princetown, Port Campbell, Peterborough, Timboon, Cobden and Camperdown. Take a journey through coastal heath for cliff top views and deserted beaches, contemplate Gondwanan ra

  • Craters to Coast Discovery

    Craters to Coast Discovery

    Let the kids go wild at the 12 Apostles this weekend! Welcome to natures' greatest theme park! Hunt the roaring wind, navigate for hidden treasure, explore the night sky, track local fauna and use your detective skills to discover the secrets of our southern landscapes.

  • Volcanic Surprises!

    Volcanic Surprises!

    Follow meandering roads north from the coast to explore sublime volcanic landscapes and charming inland towns. Enjoy the contrast of conical peaks and deep crater lakes that punctuate the even carpet of rolling farmland. Dry Stone walls dissect the landscape, an aesthetic and practical solution to farm a landscape strewn

  • Coast to Crater Trail

    Coast to Crater Trail

    The completed Camperdown to Timboon section is a wonderful family trail dotted with statuesque trestle bridges and spellbinding scenery. Trail users can make use of a free shuttle service on Thursdays and every second Sunday from December till April. Stay tuned on the progress of the proposed extensions from Timboon to Port Campbell and and Port Campbell via the 12 Aposltes and Loch Ard to Princetown

  • Conferences and Weddings

    Conferences and Weddings

    Mix business with pleasure or choose a spectacular backdrop for your special day! Our local businesses will work together to meet the needs of your group and we'll throw in the spectacular scenery for nothing.

  • Local Knowledge!

    Local Knowledge!

    Find all the freshest images and visiting tips on our Facebook Page. Want to know the best time to visit the 12 Apostles or what time the penguins arrive home? Click here for some local knowledge or to share images and stories of your visit!

News and Events

  • Set your clock by the penguins

    Set your clock by the penguins

    Our little feathered friends have been coming in on time lately (after big September seas disrupted their burrows) expect to view their comical behaviour around 20 minutes after sunset. Binoculars are available on loan from the Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell from 9-5pm daily. Get onto our Facebook page and leave a message if you notice a change in their arrival time!

  • Astronomical!


    Get stars in your eyes literally with Craters to Coast Discovery. No matter your interest in astronomy it is unlikely you are going to drag your hardware across the globe. Visitors can borrow a Newtonian Reflector and a good set of lenses from the 12 Apostles Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell to enjoy our ink black southern skies!

  • Where are the 12 Apostles?

    Where are the 12 Apostles?

    The 12 Apostles are a collection of offshore sea stacks between Princetown and Port Campbell on Victoria's Great Ocean Road. The main viewing area is on the corner of Booringa Road and Great Ocean Road Princetown 3269 and is 6km west of the small township of Princetown and 12km west of Port Campbell.

  • Markets and Events

    Markets and Events

    Check out our events calendar and see what is going on when you intend to visit or base your visit around one of our regional events. Farmers markets and Food Events, adventure racing and ocean swims, eventing, equestrian and horse racing, perhaps the Cobden Spring Festival or the iconic Camperdown Cruise and Rockabilly Festival.

  • Facebook Page

    Facebook Page

    Ask us a question, tell us a story and send us a photo. For all the detail on what is going up down or around for visitors in Port Campbell, Peterborough, Princetown, Timboon, Cobden, Camperdown, Terang or up North in Skipton join in the conversation on our Facebook Page - 12 Apostles Australia.

  • This website has a heart!

    This website has a heart!

    Welcome to our new website remember this website has a human side to it. We have put a lot of time and effort into providing enough information for you to plan your trip. Don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information on how to make the most of your stay around the 12 Apostles and be sure to drop in and visit us for maps and a few secrets when you arrive.