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Mark likes to run, ride, paddle and swim and when shamed into it by friends will dust off the surfboard and throw himself into the ocean with varying results. Mark is our go to for local flora, fauna, adventure sports and coastal geology. He also knows a bloke that knows a lot about fishing!
You will see Mark all over the place around sunrise and sunset with his trusty phone in hand. He says mobile photography has transformed the way he looks at the world. We just think he is addicted to Instagram but we are happy with the results. You can come in and see him for tips on where and when to shoot for the best photographic results.


Deb is our retail queen and you may want to browse her gift store when you come in and meet the team. Deb was born and raised on the wild shores of the southern ocean and has insider knowledge that is for your ears only.

Look for her around solstice and equinox dancing around bonfires like a whirling dervish. We love to hear Deb giggle coz it makes us all laugh. If you can make Deb giggle we will give you a free fridge magnet.

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Lyn is our queen of facts and figures, we don’t need google to find the length of a gravel road or how many steps to a favourite lookout, we just call Lyn.

Don’t tell Lyn but Parks Victoria has added another step at the bottom of Gibson Steps to mitigate seasonal sand loss. We aren’t telling Lyn because we want to find out how long it takes before she has corrected all the information and let everyone know.


Gerdy is our northern towns and Volcanic Plains experts. She knows her Noorat from her Keilembete and her dry stone walls from her nested Maars. Gerdy will give you all the advice you need for a Volcanic Lakes and Plains adventure. She speaks a little Dutch and wants to help you make the very most of your stay. Gerdy’s customised maps are works of art full of tips, comments, arrows and circles that are just for you.

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Nina is the newest member of the team. She's a positive thinking, always cheerful, Italo-Irish girl who landed in the quaint little town of Port Campbell 2 years ago, and calls it home today. Call in and test her knowledge, if she doesn't have the answer you can bet your bottom dollar that she'll know where to find it, but who knows, you may just end up having a friendly chat. 

She does have the "gift of the gab" so, we apologise in advance if your 5 minute stop in the Information Centre turns in to a 30 minute chat!

Book with us and wake up here! Need more information? 
Call 1300 137 255 or email:

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Open daily from 9am to 5pm
26 Morris Street, Port Campbell

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