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porsche on great ocean road.jpg The Great Ocean Road is one of the world's most spectacular drives, getting here is part of the experience. Cliff hugging curves, seaside cafe's, emerald rainforest, fresh local produce and charming seaside villages await your discovery on route to the spectacular limestone formations of Port Campbell National Park. 

There is no doubt that self driving offers the most opportunities to explore and discover, but this is a drive journey that requires respect and careful planning.

Plan Ahead for a safe and enjoyable trip!1961906-drive-on-the-left-jpg_1746932.jpg

  • Keep left at all times
  • Take regular rest breaks and a long break every 2 hours
  • Drive at a safe, legal speed
  • Watch for animals particularly at sunrise and sunset
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Wear seat belts and make sure your children are wearing a child restraint
  • Use slow vehicle turnouts to allow other cars to pass
  • Do not overtake across solid line markings
  • Park safely off the road before using maps or navigation devices
  • Do not use phones or hand held navigation devices when driving
  • Take care on dirt roads
  • In an emergency stay with your vehicle
  • Look left and then right before walking across the road
  • U - Turns are not advised at any time on the Great Ocean RoadAerial resize small.jpg

Drive Times from Melbourne


Underestimating drive times too often results in tired drivers and disappointed visitors. 

Far too many cars arrive in the Port Campbell National Park 12 Apostles region after sunset and miss not only the 12 Apostles but all of the wonderful  Trails and Lookouts.  that surround it like Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, The Grotto and the magnificent Bay of Islands.

Melbourne - 12 Apostles/Port Campbell along Great Ocean Road 4 hrs 15mins (no stops)

Melbourne - Port Campbell via Princes Hwy 3 hrs 15minutes (no stops)


Great Ocean Road Route by section (not allowing for stops)


Melbourne to Torquay 1hr 30 minutes

Torquay to Lorne 1hr (total 2hr 30 minutes from Melbourne)

Lorne to Apollo Bay 45 minutes (total 3hr 15 minutes from Melbourne)

Apollo Bay to 12 Apostles 1 hr (total 4 hr 15 minutes from Melbourne)

12 Apostles to Port Campbell 10 minutes (total 4 hr 30 minutes from Melbourne)

Port Campbell to Peterborough 10 minutes (total 4 hr 40 minutes from Melbourne)

Peterborough to Warrnambool 50 minutes (total 5 hr 30 minutes from Melbourne)

Warrnambool to Port Fairy 30 minutes (total 6 hours from Melbourne)


Consider a multi-day trip or at least an overnight for a safer more enjoyable experience. Browse accommodation options


The route to Melbourne via Port Campbell - Camperdown - Lismore and Ballarat is only 30 minutes longer than the quickest route via Colac and Geelong.

Why not take a Golden Opportunity and visit the Goldfields as part of your next Great Ocean Road trip?