Love Letters to the Land

Love Letters to the Land

“The more you engage with nature, the more you appreciate it; and the more you appreciate it, the more likely you are to want to protect it.” Costa Georgiadis.

Words of wisdom and joy from the hearts, minds and pencils of our future leaders.

We were so inspired by this collaboration between Heytesbury and District Landcare Network, the Timboon P12 TAP program and Junior Landcare we just had to share it.

Junior Landcare is celebrating 25 years of opening children’s hearts to Landcare – and to help celebrate, they’ve called on kids to write a letter and share what they love most about the environment and how they protect it.

Timboon P-12 Year 3/4 students rose to the challenge. The group took a field trip to Power Creek in Timboon, guided by Kate Leslie and Lyndell Driscoll from the Heytesbury and District Landcare Network (HDLN) and Jason Ashwell from the Timboon Field Naturalists. They learned about the role of Landcare in helping people actively care for the natural environment in their community.

Here’s what they have to say…


I start by thanking the Kirrae Whurrong people

“I start by thanking the Kirrae Whurrong people for looking after the land for us. I love our land because when I’m outside I love planting plants and climbing trees with luscious green leaves. At home I have a favourite tree and I don’t want it to be chopped down and I also don’t want any other tree to get chopped down. I sometimes feel like I don’t care for the land, and I know I have pulled flowers off trees, but I now know not to do that and why. I feel relaxed, calm and free when I’m outside. I want to protect the land and trees by stopping pulling branches off beautiful trees and flowers off lush bushes. Finally to finish off with in my opinion if you chop down a tree make sure anther one is planted.”

Dear tree in my back yard

“Dear tree in my back yard. I live on Kirrae Whurrung country. I want to protect you. You give me shade in the summer, you are a good picnic spot. You saved my life not long ago. I was going down the hill full speed I was about to hit the rocks but I hit you instead. Thank you. You’re the best tree. P.S. I feel so free when I am outside.”

Dear tree, thank you

“Dear tree, thank you. For letting me play on you and my brothers and sisters play on you too. I’ve had lots of fun with you and climbed to the tallest branch thank you. I will put some little houses hanging in you so little animals can live in there. Thank you. And when I can climb the branches and I can see my house I can see the ocean. I can see boats crashing against the waves. Thank you. I feel like I’m the king of the world when I climb you I will make sure that people won’t chop you if they do I will plant a new tree in the same spot.”

I am 9 years old and I love the land so much

“I am 9 years old and I love the land so much. I live on Kirrae Whurrong country. My favourite thing to do outside is lie down and look up at the beautiful stars trying to find shooting stars and the southern cross. I also love to ride my horse Poppy down the road and in the bush enjoying nature. When I am outdoors in nature I feel relaxed, calm, happy, warm and many more lovely feelings. I want to protect the land I live on because if we cut down trees and plants the animals won’t have good homes to live in and they will not have a good life.”

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