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The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Arches Marine Sanctuary and the surrounding bays, create world class snorkeling and scuba diving locations. Explore the shipwrecks of early settlers, rock and cave formations and placid bays, all teaming with fish, crustaceans and vegetation. 

Located in the Southern Ocean, waters west of Cape Otway can be rugged. Indeed,  it is these conditions that have helped shape the natural rock formations that exist above and below the water. Conditions can change rapidly, even within the surrounding bays, and strong ocean skills are encouraged. Water temperature in summer is between 17 and 19°C and in winter can drop as low as 12ºC.

The best snorkeling conditions are around the Port Campbell Bay and areas west of Peterborough. Both areas provide respite form the brunt of open ocean swell.

For Scuba divers, local wrecks that can be explored with experienced guides, including the Napier (Port Campbell Bay), Loch Ard (off Mutton bird island), Schomberg (Peterborough) and Fiji (near Moonlight Head). All wrecks and artefacts are protected by the Historic Shipwrecks Act (1976 and 1981) and damaging, disturbing or interfering with wreck remains is prohibited and carries heavy penalties.

Divers taking crayfish, abalone or spearfishing need to have a Fishing Licence and be aware of regulations outlined within the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide. The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park and the Arches Marine Sanctuaries are no take zones. Spear fishing is not permitted near piers, jetties or estuaries.

For detailed maps and conditions visit the Parks Victoria website or call into the 12 Apostles Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell. The Victoria Recreational Fishing Guide is available where you buy your fishing licence.


Scuba and Snorkelling Guided Tours

Diving with a qualified guide around the Twelve Apostles is recommended due to locations and weather/water conditions.

Port Campbell Boat Charters:
A variety of  diving charters are available, including open water and advanced dives.
Address: 32 Lord Street, Port Campbell.