Clare Younis

Clare Younis

One day, while scribbling furiously aboard the adult colouring bandwagon, Clare Younis had a major realisation: The places, plants and creatures she grew up amongst on the Great Ocean Road offered a rich and rare theme for her own version. She rapidly found that it was almost too great- for Clare, drawing the designs was even more addictive than decorating the work of others.

She blames her parents and the aunts and uncles who enriched her childhood with endless cliff top rambles, shipwreck storytelling and beach adventures.  Whale watching, penguin counting, foraging through rainforest and bushland. Exploring the capricious treasures of rockpools and tidal caves. Hand rearing wallabies and longing for the dolphins that danced about her uncle’s boat to come just a little closer… and maybe have a telepathic conversation (she was that kind of child… and ipads were a long way in the future).

There are so many hidden secrets along this coastline- Clare Younis recommends that you take your time. But if you don’t have long enough (say, an entire childhood) then this colouring book highlights twenty of the most special and fabulous memories drawn from the artist’s dream pool.  

You can order a copy of Clare's 'The Great Ocean Road Colouring Book' from the Spence Australia website. Better still, drop into Spence Australia, opposite the Port Campbell Beach, where you can see more of her work. 

Clare is also an award winning singer/songwriter. 

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