Why our region rocks

Why our region rocks

Little people, big voices!

Timboon Year 3 & 4 students took matters into their own hands when they discovered that most visitors didn’t stay overnight when visiting the 12 Apostles region. The surprise on their faces quickly turned to determination. With marketing caps on and coloured pencils a blur on white cardboard, the students set about righting the wrongs and ensuring that visitors like you wouldn’t make the same mistake. Check out their pitch as to why you should all stay longer and discover all there is to love about their home.

When Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre were given the opportunity to work with Timboon P12 teachers to develop a tourism maths unit for Grade 5 and 6, we got excited and so did the teachers.

I mean holidays and maths are fun, right? The teachers explained the learning outcomes they were seeking, and VIC staff set about developing fun activities to deliver. Balancing holiday budgets, timetabling an itinerary, calculating fuel costs, reading maps all in the context of the wonderful holiday destination that these kids are lucky enough to call home.

If that wasn’t good enough, these students presented their Tourism Maths learnings to Year 3 and 4’s as part of the annual *TAP’s On! curriculum expo. What a pleasure it was to watch the kids explain the activities to their younger peers, who will complete the maths unit in the next few years.


In fact, the Year 3 and 4’s were so inspired by the teaching of the Grade 5’s and 6’s that they developed posters to encourage visitors to stay longer. One of students was that impressed that he taught himself iMovie skills and presented a super video encouraging visitors to come and visit his town and check out all of his favourite places. How good is that, we can’t wait to see what they do when they do the Tourism Maths activities themselves.



Because the student presenters told them that the longer visitors stay in the area, the better it is for local businesses……… and the students couldn’t believe that some visitors didn’t even stay overnight in the region, missed out on sunrise and sunset and some of their favourite places.

We think their efforts are spectacular, we hope you do too!

*What is TAP? – The Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP) is a partnership in which businesses and community members support and work with teachers to integrate agriculture, food technology, and growth industries including tourism into the Timboon P—12 School curriculum.

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