Lined with 19th Century buildings and 100-year-old trees, Terang is a town rich in  hardy early pioneering spirit.


Located 2.5 hours from Melbourne on route to coastal Warrnambool, Terang is a town lined with 19th century buildings and 100-year-old National Trust listed trees.

To enjoy the towns early settler history, a Heritage Trail leads visitors around many of the towns historic points of interest including the old post office and Terang church.

Terang has many motels, cottages and camping options, including several occupying historic buildings.

For a natural history lesson, visit the extinct Mt Noorat Volcano Walk 5km south of Terang. Mt Noorat is one of Australia’s best-preserved dry craters, which descends 150m from its peak. The walk to the mountains peak is 800m return, offering commanding views of the surrounding volcanic lands. Other walking and riding trails in the area include the pretty lowlands of Terang Dry Lake Walk and the Terang - Noorat bike trail with views to the north of Mount Noorat.

Mount Noorat