Stop... Shhhhh... Look, there's one!  Spot the elusive platypus in Stewart Park
along the banks of Mount Emu Creek.

Making a Home in Skipton

Skipton, located 50km west of the popular gold mining town of Ballarat, is known as the ‘home of the platypus’. If you are yet to encounter this unique egg-laying mammal, and with a reputation for being fairly elusive,  most of us have not had the good fortune, a walk in Stewart Park is a must. Sit quietly along the banks of Mount Emu Creek, keeping a close eye on the waters edge where the platypus barrows its shelter.

Just south of Skipton, a series of three volcanic chambers open up under Mount Widderin. The caves, including the largest known as the ‘ballroom’, are suitable for all levels of cavers. The caves are pitch black once inside and except for the occasional dripping of ground water into a crystal clear pool, completely silent.

Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail

Skipton has recently grown in reputation with the refurbishment of the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail. The trail is 53km in length and has a maximum gradient of 2%, making it assessable for all ages of riders.

Highlights along  the trial include a ride over the old wooden Nimmons Bridge, the plentiful bird-life of Clarkesdale Reserve and the numinous historical towns the trail passes through.