Fittingly, it was the forced repairs of John Brown’s wagon in the 1850’s that lead to the settlement of Lismore. Now, more than 150 years on, the town remains a journeyman’s favourite pit stop, with many stopping to stretch their legs as they travel the Hamilton Highway.

Lismore has well preserved its colonial history with icons such as the town’s gothic revival chapel and 1840’s woodshed providing prominent landmarks. The recent opening of the Lismore Discovery Trial makes walking the site easy, inviting onward travellers to explore the town a little deeper. For those staying longer, the area surrounding Lismore has much to offer. Landmarks created by ancient volcanoes including Mount Widderin Caves and Mount Elephant make for great exploring, whilst nearby lakes provide ample space for swimming, boating, fishing and camping. Lismore is located 2 hours west of Melbourne, sitting on the road between Warrnambool and Ballarat.

Lismore is a town rich in geological and early settler history.

Slip on the Blundstone boots and Akubra hat and go get lost in a cave or scale the side of an extinct volcano.