I am the village that welcomes you with a relaxed and knowing smile

Port Campbell

The colourful seaside village of Port Campbell is a place to slow down, take in everything that epitomizes the Great Ocean Road, and reflect on a journey you may have taken or are about to begin. 

The 12 Apostles are one of Port Campbell's most well-known neighbours situated in the Port Campbell National Park. The massive limestone structures tower 45 metres above the tempestuous Southern Ocean. 



Timboon is a gourmet hub that will literally delight every sense!  Local producers create whiskey, organic yoghurt, classic French cheeses, honey, mouth-watering ice cream and some of the freshest, sweetest strawberries you will ever taste!

Timboon is a feature of the 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail, the 70km loop from Port Campbell that is a must do for foodies.



The Gellibrand River makes a virtual island of the hilltop village of Princetown as it lazily meanders through the valley, just a quick turn, yet a world away, from the Great Ocean Road.

The township borders both the Great Otway and Port Campbell National Parks, offering fishing opportunities in the estuary and on the magnificent ocean beaches.



Situated in the heart of the Great Ocean Road’s most iconic attractions, Peterborough is a great family friendly destination with a shorefront playground and children's riding loop.

The magnificent natural rock formation, London Arch (formerly London Bridge) can be seen from the local golf course. London Arch is an offshore stack in the Port Campbell National Park formed by a gradual process of erosion.



Camperdown is situated on the world's third largest volcanic plain, dotted with dormant volcano cones, craters and waterways created from lava flows thousands of years ago. Climb to the top of Mt Leura and Mt Sugarloaf for 360-degree views of the coastal ranges and rolling western plains.

The region's lush pastures are home to mouth-watering cheeses and other dairy products.



At just 25 minutes north of the coast Cobden is surrounded by undulating pastures and the distinctive Volcanic Lakes and Plains as you climb from the coast. This friendly community offers much for the visitor and is an ideal place to base yourself for a Great Ocean Road and Volcanic Lakes and Plains Adventure.

The town is understandably proud of it's history and has created unique  story boards around town that tell the unique "Cobden Story"




Simpson is an authentic rural town just 26km North of the 12 Apostles and home to in our opinion some of the best spud (potato) growing terrain in the state. The township is on the edge of the 12 Apostles Gourmet Trail amd close to popular gourmet trail stops including Apostle Whey Cheese, Newton's Ridge Estate and Victoria's only commercial snail farm "Simpson Snails."

While gourmet may be all the go Simpson remains true to it's dairy farming heritage and has been productively farmed since World War 2 as part of the Heytesbury settlement scheme. Equipment used for land clearing is the feature of the Historical Park near the town's lake. 


Derrinallum lies at the foot of Mount Elephant, surrounded by a series of lakes and grazing cattle. The town acts as a hub for the local farming network, fielding all the essential services including the ever-important local pub. 

For visitors of Derrinallum, Lake Deep and Lake Tooliorook provide scenic recreational space for boating, water sports and fishing. 



Lismore has well preserved its colonial history with icons such as the town’s gothic revival chapel and 1840’s woodshed providing prominent landmarks. The recent opening of the Lismore Discovery Trial makes walking the site easy.

Looming landmarks created by ancient volcanoes surround Lismore, including Mount Widderin Caves, Mount Elephant and numerous lakes for swimming.


Skipton is known as the ‘home of the platypus’. If you are yet to encounter this unique mammal, a walk in Stewart Park is a must. Sit quietly along the banks of Mount Emu Creek, keeping a close eye on the waters edge where the platypus barrows its shelter.

Skipton has recently refurbished the 53km Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail. The trail has a max gradient of 2%.



Terang is a town lined with 19th century buildings and 100-year-old National Trust listed trees. To enjoy the towns early settler past, a Heritage Trail leads visitors around many of the towns historic points of interest including the old post office and Terang church.

For a natural history lesson, visit the extinct Mt Noorat Volcano Walk, 5kms south of Terang.