fshdockarea.jpg 170km Full Day Loop

Discover aboriginal culture, wildlife, shipwreck history, the sound of fiddles and the taste of Guinness

Suggested Stops:

1. Childers Cove - Childers Cove Rd Nullaware

2. Cheeseworld and Dave Lee Vintage Collection - Great Ocean Road Allansford

3. Logans Beach - Logans Beach Road Warrnambool

4. Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum - Merri Street Warrnambooltowerhill.jpg

5. Tower Hill - Worn Gundidg Aboriginal Cultural Centre - Great Ocean Road Tower Hill

6. Port Fairy Visitor Information Centre - Bank St Port Fairy

7. Koroit Historic Township - Commercial Road Koroit

Road Conditions:

All bitumen roads on this journey, Childers Cove Rd is narrow and requires two cars passing to move onto the gravel shoulder. Take care entering and exiting Tower Hill where there is not much visibility entering a busy100kmh zone.

Childers Cove

Childers Cove, Sandy Cove and Murnanes Bay offer wonderful seascapes and an impression of relative isolation even in peak times.


Cheeseworld is a must see stop on the Great Ocean Road between Peterborough and Warrnambool. Visitors can sample a wonderful selection of local cheeses, view displays of vintage equipment and machi...

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village - at the heart of the Shipwreck Coast and Victoria's largest shipwreck museum and maritime village.

Peterborough Antiques and Art

Browse the award winning, contemporary artworks and a quality selection of vintage through to antique wares. ‘Peterborough Antiques and Art' is a find for those who love to furnish their home with ...

Tower Hill - worn gundidj

Volcano - Wildlife - Indigenous History. Nestled in the crater of a dormant volcano this reserve just off the Princes Hwy between Warrnambool and Port Fairy is a haven for wildlife a fascinating ec...