Sea Kayaking

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seakayakingresize2.jpg Knowledge of local swell, sea, wind, prevailing conditions and sound judgment is necessary for safe experiences in this area. Paddlers attempting these waters need to be experienced and able to read ocean dynamics in a setting of multiple headlands, overhangs offshore stacks and reef platforms. Clapotis is king in these waters and you will need to bring all your own equipment!

Pleasant flat water contingencies are available in the estuaries and volcanic lakes.

Paddlers will need to have a confident roll and or sound self rescue management skills, all groups should be carrying EPIRB, flares, compass, marine charts and tow gear.

Always inform someone on shore of group intention and don’t paddle alone!

Sea fogs are common in summer (often without warning) convection fogs are more common in autumn and winter.

If the conditions are right paddlers will be treated to some of the most sublime seascapes imaginable from the comfort of their own boat. If the conditions are not appropriate there are plenty of alternatives available to make the most of your day.

Viable put in points are accessible at Port Campbell Bay and from the Boat Bay boat ramp in Bay of Islands Coastal Park.