Canoeing + Kayaking


"Visitors need to bring their own equipment to enjoy these paddling opportunities on their next visit to the area!"

canoeprincetown.jpg Rivers:

The Gellibrand River has a viable put in point on Old Coach Road West near the bridge in Princetown. The Gellibrand is navigable for around 12 km upstream and 1.5km downstream of this point. There are no practical upstream exit points (with vehicle access). Return trips are the only option, the upside of this is some picturesque upstream waters that are rarely traversed.

The Curdies River has a good estuary put in point at the boat ramp and jetty north of the Great Ocean Road (Irvine st). A good northern put in point can be found at Curdievale some 8km upstream. Best access is on the western bank and boat ramp car park although there is an informal jetty directly below the Boggy Creek Hotel. The river is currently navigable for around 4km upstream of this point.

lakeshore.jpg Volcanic Lakes:

Exploring our volcanic lakes by canoe and kayak is highly recommended Lake Bullen Merri and Purrumbete (near Camperdown) at present have the best water levels. Other lakes can be navigable but low water levels mean you need to be prepared to get out and push through shallow sections.

A shore line road at Lake Bullen Merri offers any number of put in points. Jetties and ramps are located at South Beach 4km south of Camperdown.

Currently a short portage is required from the boat ramp at Lake Purrumbete