Rainforest and Waterfalls


Mist cloaked fern glades; ghostly mountain ash and the crystal crash of waterfalls adorn the western Otway Ranges.The deepest wettest gullies hold the westernmost extremity of rainforest in southern Australia. Access the emerald depths at a selection of rainforest and waterfall trails and lookouts within Great Otway National Park. Suspend yourself and fly through the canopy at Otway Fly Treetop Adventures. Discount entry tickets and Zipline bookings are available at the Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre

Melba Gully just 25 mins east of Princetown is host to one of our nightly wildlife shows (glow worms)

Beauchamp Falls

Adventurous walkers are treated to a base level view of a long drop falls.

Hopetoun Falls

The viewing area at the top is easily accessible for those not wanting to commit to the walk to the base.

Maits Rest

A 30 min easy loop, superb setting and proximity to the Great Ocean Road have made this one of the most popular rainforest attractions in Great Otway National Park. Visitors arriving from the west ...

Melba Gully

A true Otway gem, famous for its massive 350 year old Otway messmate and enchanting glow worms, Melba Gully is the most westerly rainforest in southern Australia.

Otway Fly Treetop Adventures

The Otway Fly is a 600 metre long 25 metre high elevated tree top walk ascending at a gentle grade through a magnificent stand of cool temperate rainforest featuring Myrtle Beech, Blackwood and Mou...

The Redwoods

In 85 year old plantation of Californian Redwoods that has become a favorite local picnic area, the muffled sound and lack of undergrowth provides an interesting contrast to the native wet forest t...

Triplet Falls/ Little Aire Falls

A magnificent installation of raised boardwalks suspended viewing platforms and trails compliments magnificent rainforest and two sets of impressive waterfalls. The inclusion of the walk to Little ...