portcampbellsummerresizemedium.jpg Wild and untamed beaches adorn these southern shores. Cliff gives way to swept dunes and sheltered coves: providing bold strong stretches to inspire, invigorate and escape!


Knowledge of tide times and sea conditions need to be a mandatory part of planning a visit to any local beach. Swimming is not recommended at any of the open ocean beaches. Port Campbell bay provides the safest local option particularly when it is patrolled in season (weekends and public holidays from November till April.)

If in doubt stay out!!

Gibson Steps

Visitors are advised to check tide and ocean conditions before visiting Gibson Steps. This beach offers spectacular viewing opportunities in the right conditions. Park at the 12 Apostles car park a...

Loch Ard Gorge

Let the others rush be sure to take your time at Loch Ard Gorge. It is impossible to walk these trails and not be moved by the powers of nature that have shaped and the shipwreck history that defin...

Childers Cove

Childers Cove, Sandy Cove and Murnanes Bay offer wonderful seascapes and an impression of relative isolation even in peak times.

Newfield Bay

The broad double sweep of Newfield Bay extends east from the mouth of the Curdies River some 1.7 km to where it terminates once again into the limestone cliffs that characterize the area.

Peterborough Beaches

Beaches to the immediate west of Peterborough Township are characterized by sheltered coves, grottos and offshore stacks. The constant twisting and turning of the shoreline means you can find relat...

Port Campbell Bay

Port Campbell Bay presents a gently sloping family friendly profile sheltered from the bulk of Southern Ocean swell. Waters inside its iconic pier are generally suitable for swimming and wading and...

Princetown Beach

The meandering course of the Gellibrand River finds the sea beneath the bold headland of Pt Ronald.

Wreck Beach

A picture postcard beach that is a fitting end to the effort required to reach it. Presided over by the imposing bulk of Moonlight Head the sand gives way to a tessellated green sandstone platform ...