Historic Shipwreck Trail

portsnaphunt.jpg As you tour the Great Ocean Road, look for the signs which link the sites of many wrecks along the stormy coast of Western Victoria.

Each of the 25 sites reveals more about our fascinating maritime history. Allow yourself to go back in time to the days of sail when Bass Strait was the route to the riches of Victoria. Imagine both the small coastal traders and the large international ships that plied between Europe, America and Australia carrying not only vital cargoes, but immigrants on their way to an new life in the colony.

The trail is marked by road signs and leads to information plaques overlooking the cliffs where the wrecks occured.

There are 700 known shipwrecks along Victoria's coast, only 200 of them have been discovered. The Historic Shipwreck Trail shows some of the sites where gales, human error and in some cases foul play caused these vessels to be wrecked.