Local Shipwrecks


Loch Ard Gorge

Let the others rush be sure to take your time at Loch Ard Gorge. It is impossible to walk these trails and not be moved by the powers of nature that have shaped and the shipwreck history that defin...

Childers Cove

Childers Cove, Sandy Cove and Murnanes Bay offer wonderful seascapes and an impression of relative isolation even in peak times.


Antares wreck occured 1914
Where: West of Peterborough via Radford's Rd

Cape Otway Lightstation

The "Highlight" of the Great Ocean Road the Cape Otway Lightstation is located mid-way along the Great Ocean Road 1hr 15mins east of Port Campbell.


Crew sickness and gale force winds conspired against this ill fated passage from Launceston to Portland.

Falls of Halladale

The Falls of Halladale occured 1908

Where: Halladale point west of Peterborough


Fiji wreck 6th September 1891

Where: East of Moonlight Head (Wreck Beach)

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village - at the heart of the Shipwreck Coast and Victoria's largest shipwreck museum and maritime village.

Loch Ard Shipwreck

The wreck of the Loch Ard occured on the 1st June 1878 and is one of Australia's most famous shipwrecks

Marie Gabrielle

The wreck of the Marie Gabrielle occured in 1869.


The steamer Napier was commissioned to assist salvage of the Loch Ard but was forced onto rocks on the western wall of Port Campbell Bay.


The wreck of the Newfield occured 1892.

Where: Newfield Bay about 1km east of Peterborough

The Newfield, commaned by Captain Scott of Banff, departed Liverpool on June 1st bound for Brisbane.

Newfield Bay

The broad double sweep of Newfield Bay extends east from the mouth of the Curdies River some 1.7 km to where it terminates once again into the limestone cliffs that characterize the area.

Shipwreck Display - Port Campbell

A delightful collection of artefacts from wrecks between Childers cove and Moonlight Head is on display at the Port Campbell Visitor Information Centre. A 1/60th scale model of the Loch Ard allows ...