estuary.jpg Estuarine species to be targeted include bream, mullet, trevally, estuary perch, mulloway and short finned eel. The upper layers of water not far upstream of the mouth will occasionally yield brown trout.


Gellibrand River

Great shelter from south westerly winds sandy banks and fantastic platforms

  • Species: Bream, estuary perch, trevally, mullet, mulloway, short finned eel, brown trout
  • Location: Flows past the town of Princetown and is followed by the Old Ocean Road
  • Access: Boat ramp and fishing platform on Old Coach Road West. No water skiing

Sherbrooke River

Smaller estuary exposing mud flats on lower tides

  • Species: Bream, estuary perch, trevally, mullet, short finned eel
  • Location: 7.5 km east of Port Campbell
  • Access: Rough gravel roads provide access upstream on the east side of the bridge on the Great Ocean Road and downstream on the west side of the bridge on the Great Ocean Road. Tracks are not marked off the Great Ocean Road.

Campbells Creek

Take a pond net and have fun with the kids! This is a good spot to fish if you don’t want your quiet contemplation interrupted by having a fish on your line. Better options off the pier!

  • Species: Mullet
  • Location: Port Campbell
  • Access: From the Holiday Park or from Port Campbell Beach

Curdies River

A wide shallow estuary with deeper channels, sandy bank and jetty options available, the estuary is often alive with small boats when word of bream and perch spread throughout the region.

  • Species: Bream, estuary perch, trevally, mullet, mulloway and short finned eel
  • Location: Peterborough
  • Access: Good access to the water on the east and west banks. Good access to a jetty near the holiday park. Better angling opportunities are presented from boats and canoes. Launching opportunities are available near the Holiday Park and jetty.