Whales + Marine Animals

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FREE Binoculars are available from the Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell for enhanced viewing

Southern Right Whales are commonly sighted between June and October. They quite often spend days at a time in sheltered coves and bays providing ideal vantage points (including the Port Campbell Pier.) Their movements however are less predictable than in known calving areas like Logans Beach at nearby Warrnambool.

A good partnership with scenic flight operators ensures accurate whale location information is provided to visitors at the 12 Apostles Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell.

Humpbacks whales are itinerant visitors from May June and in September to November. Other species are certainly in the area including the blue whale (November to April) but are generally too far offshore for land based viewing. Boat and air operations operate out of Portland 160km to the west.

Dolphins, porpoise and pilot whales can be sighted year round from the cliff top viewing areas unfortunately their appearance carries no known rhyme or reason. Orcas have also been sighted in the winter months.

Lone bull and young seals (full name) are often sighted on the beaches and in the bays. There are several known haul out points that are often inhabited by basking individuals.

Please keep your distance from seals on land they can be surprisingly quick in short bursts. Many a concerned individual has had to retreat quickly from a seal they have prodded thinking it was dead.