Reptiles And Amphibians

copperhead snake.jpg



Of all reptiles found in the region it the snakes that generate most interest and fear. Copper heads, tigers and the white lipped snake are common on the coast. Browns and the red bellied black snake come into range further to the north.

Snakes in southern Victoria are often shorter, fatter and darker than the same species further north. Fatter darker snakes warm more quickly in the cooler southern climate.

Caution: Snakes will generally move away from the sound and vibration of human activity. Making noise while walking can gives snakes an opportunity to move away. Always wear solid shoes and socks when undertaking walks in the region. A close up photo of a snake however tempting is not worth the risk.

Significant grasslands:

Significant native grassland to the north of the coast protects the rare corangamite water skink and the striped legless lizard.

Frog Song

Frogs have very special skin! They don’t just wear it they drink and breathe through it. The skin of a frog absorbs all their moisture requirements and assists the lungs in providing oxygen.

In local wetlands and low lying areas frogs are more often heard than seen. Listen for the loud ‘tok’ of the striped marsh frog and the ‘ick-ick-ick’ of the spotted marsh frog.