Kangaroos Marsupials And Monotremes

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Eastern grey kangaroos, black (swamp) and red shouldered wallabies are common in both Port Campbell National Park Bay of islands Coastal Park. Macropods (meaning big foot) are crepuscular in nature; they are far more active and likely to be sighted at dusk and dawn.

The Gellibrand River Estuary is a great spot for viewing Kangaroos. Call in at Princetown and look over the river from the viewing platform in town to view their antics.

Look for evidence of pre dawn and dusk drinks left by footprints in the sand near the river mouth. Smaller prints may belong to the southern brown bandicoot or even the endangered long nosed potoroo.

Visitors wanting a guaranteed close encounter should visit theechidna.jpg Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park (7km to the east of Princetown on the Great Ocean Road)

Slow train:

Echidnas are commonly sighted on the edge of trails and roadside verges in search of a tasty insect treat. Their meandering footprints are easily identifiable and often included in the mix of footprints in sandy estuarine regions.

Young echidnas are called puggles, when they grow spines they are evicted from the pouch and left in an underground den. Female echidnas may leave for days on end before returning to feed their hungry puggle.

Tiny hoppers carnivores and mouse sized possums:



The southern brown bandicoot is more active at dusk and dawn but may be spotted during the day. Loch Ard Gorge and the Port Campbell Discovery Walk offer opportunities for visitors and look for signs of their activity.

The largest surviving carnivore in this region is the spotted tail quoll which is found in tall and coastal forest in the Otway ranges. Omnivorous southern brown bandicoots and the smaller swamp antechinus (pictured) are found throughout the coastal fringe.

The rabbit sized potoroo is the smallest member of the kangaroo family. They are occasionally recorded near the coast but are more commonly found in tracts of remnant forest south of Camperdown and at Ralph Illidge sanctuary south of Terang.

The rare eastern pygmy possum is about the size of a mouse it is found in coastal areas from Cape Otway to Warrnambool.