Volcanic Lakes and Craters


Mt_Noorat_resize1.jpg Follow meandering roads north from the coast to explore sublime volcanic landscapes and charming inland towns. Enjoy the contrast of conical peaks and deep crater lakes that punctuate the even carpet of rolling farmland.

Dry Stone walls dissect the landscape, an aesthetic and practical solution to farm a landscape strewn with scoria. Charming towns with well preserved buildings and tended avenues of elm, oak and plane provide visions of England on volcanic plain.

Views from Mt Leura (Camperdown), Mt Noorat (Terang) or Mt Elephant (Derrinallum) on a still winter’s morning reveal a tapestry of green pasture and deep crystal pools. The reflection of still water in every direction revealing a quicksilver trail to distant volcanic peaks.

Camperdown Botanical Gardens

The Camperdown Gardens land was put aside in 1869 with work being carried out by Daniel Bunce from 1870, in 1888 inprovements were made under the guidance of William Guilfoyle.

Crater Quest

Can you keep a secret? 5 secret signs containing important information have been placed around the lakes and volcanic craters of Camperdown. Your mission; is to find the codes on the signs without ...

Elephant Bridge Hotel

Established in 1842, the Elephant Bridge Hotel is a renowned “meeting place” in the heart of the Western District farming community who cherish it as part of their lives. It’s also a popular destin...

Lake Bookar

Lake Bookar offers good bird watching opportunity over spring and summer presided over by the bulk of nearby Mt Elephant.

Lake Bullen Merri - South Beach

Find your own space on this crystal clear volcanic lake on the southern outskirts of town.

Lake Bullen Merri and Gnotuk lookout

A fantastic lookout an interpretive sign describes the dynamics of the lakes and the reasons for their differing salinity.

Lake Tooliorook

Picturesque sand bottomed Lake Tooliorook is located 5km from Lismore. The lake offers good fishing and boating amenity and superb views across to Mt Elephant near Derrinallum

Mount Elephant

Come and visit the recently opened interpretive centre. Walks to the summit are now possible every Sunday from 1 - 4pm and at other times are possible by arrangement with a committee member and rem...

Mt Leura and Sugarloaf

The car park and lookout offer commanding views of Lake Corangamite and views across Lake Colongulac towards Mt Elephant.

Mt Noorat walk

Alan Marshall Discovery Trail. One of Australia’s best preserved dry craters offering commanding views of surrounding peaks on the volcanic plain.

Red Rock lookout

Views over Victoria’s largest permanent inland lake and west to the scattered volcanic peaks of the western regions lakes and volcanic craters.

Terang and Noorat bike trail

This is a great trail with views north towards Mount Noorat and south towards the rise of Terang and its distinctive crown of deciduous trees.

Terang dry lake walk

An interesting trail that chronicles the science and history of the dry lake bed situated on the pretty lowland of the town’s southern edge.

Tower Hill - worn gundidj

Volcano - Wildlife - Indigenous History. Nestled in the crater of a dormant volcano this reserve just off the Princes Hwy between Warrnambool and Port Fairy is a haven for wildlife a fascinating ec...