Messing About in Boats

Nothing spells relaxation and good times like dropping the boat into the water. Whether you are packing the fishing rods, waters skis and wakeboards or a cheese platter with a bottle of local wine, the ocean, lakes and rivers around the 12 Apostles region provide a picturesque backdrop for a perfect day on the water.


The Southern Ocean is perilous, unpredictable and uncompromising. Some local knowledge and a reliable craft that is adequate for the conditions are essential for any ocean foray.

Boat launching in the ocean is via a crane off Port Campbell Pier (license required) and via a steep boat ramp west of Peterborough.

 Gellibrand River, Princetown

Location: Boat ramp near the Gellibrand River bridge on old Coach Road West.
Surface: Gravel and sand
Caution: Lots of swimmers frequent the area in summer take care reversing in the small car park and observe the 5 knot limit. Low clearance under the bridge means upstream access is dependent on tide and water level. No ocean access!

Port Campbell

Location: Only launching available is via crane off the pier (crane license is required for operation)
Surface: Bitumen ramp and concrete to lift off area.
Caution: All pier users need to be aware of pedestrians and reversing vehicles


Water Skiing

Spring fed lakes like Bullen Merri offer good opportunity for water skiers whose fields of play have been limited elsewhere by drought.

Lake Bullen Merri, Camperdown
Water Skiing is permitted in the cobalt blue waterway that is Lake Bullen Merri. Boat launching amenity and jetties are found at South Beach 4 km south of Camperdown.

Curdies River, Curdievale
Water Skiing is permitted in the Curdies River near the Boggy Creek Hotel in Curdievale. A boat ramp is provided for launching on the west bank of the river. Bouys and markers define the ski zone.

Water skiing is not permitted in the Gellibrand River!

Boat Ramps

Lake Purrumbete, Koallah

Location: Use entrance to caravan park, the ramp has been recently renovated for better access when water levels are low.
Surface: Concrete ramp
Caution: Please adhere to spped limits and respect other vessels and lake users take particular caution when water levels are low.

Curdies River, Peterborough

Location: Boat ramp on Dory street near the Holiday park......     Surface: Concrete
Caution: Contact the Great Ocean Road Tourist Park for current information on estuary conditions and navigability.



Curdies River (upstream), Curdievale

Location: Western bank upstream of the bridge......    Surface: Concrete ramp
Caution: Swimmers frequent the area in summer please take extra care particularly around the diving board. High speed craft in a narrow ski lane south of the bridge.

Lake Bullen Merri, Camperdown

Location: South Beach.....    Surface: Concrete ramp and mooring facility
Caution: Please adhere to speed limits and respect other vessels and lake users

Boat Bay, near Peterborough

Location: Boat Bay turnoff west of Bay of islands 6km west of Peterborough.......Surface: Concrete onto Sandy Beach
Caution: Narrow steep boat ramp requires users to reverse for 60m with little margin for error.