Inland Lake & River Fishing

Good water levels and well managed restock have resulted in one of Victoria’s most productive inland fishing regions.

Emerald winter landscapes, charming historic towns and country hospitality ice the cake for a weekend or week-long fishing adventure. Visit a bait and tackle supplier for advice on preferential baits, rigs and lures for local conditions.

Lake Bullen Merri

Your pick of black volcanic sandy banks that encircle the lake, jetty or boat!

Species: rainbow and brown trout, chinook and atlantic salmon, Australian bass
Access: Good access for water craft, bank and jetty fishing
Location: Outskirts of Camperdown

Lake Purrumbete

Great setting with views towards Mt Elephant and Mt Porndon

Species: rainbow and brown trout, Chinook and atlantic salmon, redfin (English perch)
Access: Good access for bank fishing, boats can now be launched from the new concrete ramp in the caravan park
Location: South east of Camperdown east of Cobden

Lake Tooliorook

Sand bottomed picturesque lake 5km from Lismore good fishing from jetties, bank and boat

Species: rainbow and brown trout, redfin (English perch), short finned eel
Access: Good access from boat, bank and jetty
Location: South west of Lismore

Lake Elingamite

Bank fishing not recommended with current water levels

Species: brown trout and redfin (English perch)
Access: Good access for water craft,  bank access is dangerous with current low water levels.
Location: South West of Cobden

Mount Emu Creek

Seek and yee shall find!

Species: Brown trout and redfin (English perch)
Access: Bank fishing only
Location: Runs close to the towns of Skipton, Darlington, Noorat and Terang. Anglers are asked to be mindful of platypus in this spring fed waterway.

Curdies River (Curdievale)

A favourite haunt of the local angler when the ski boats aren’t in the water, located just across the road from the Boggy Creek Hotel.

Species: Bream, mullet, estuary perch, brown trout
Access: Bank fishing and boat access
Location: 17km NW of Port Campbell, toilets picnic and BBQ facilities are available.

Estuary Fishing

Estuarine species to be targeted include bream, mullet, trevally, estuary perch, mulloway and short finned eel. The upper layers of water not far upstream of the mouth will occasionally yield brown trout.

Gellibrand River

Great shelter from south westerly winds, sandy banks and fantastic platforms

Species: Bream, estuary perch, trevally, mullet, mulloway, short finned eel, brown trout
Location: Flows past the town of Princetown and is followed by the Old Ocean Road
Access: Boat ramp and fishing platform on Old Coach Road West. No water skiing.

Sherbrooke River

Smaller estuary exposing mud flats on lower tides.

Species: Bream, estuary perch, trevally, mullet, short finned eel
Location: 7.5 km east of Port Campbell
Access: Rough gravel roads provide access upstream on the east side of the bridge on the Great Ocean Road and downstream on the west side of the bridge on the Great Ocean Road. Tracks are not marked off the Great Ocean Road.

Campbells Creek

Take a pond net and have fun with the kids! This is a good spot to fish if you don’t want your quiet contemplation interrupted by having a fish on your line. Better options off the pier!

Species: Mullet
Location: Port Campbell
Access: From the Holiday Park or from Port Campbell Beach

Curdies River

A wide shallow estuary with deeper channels, sandy bank and jetty options available, the estuary is often alive with small boats when word of bream and perch spread throughout the region.

Species: Bream, estuary perch, trevally, mullet, mulloway and short finned eel
Location: Peterborough
Access: Good access to the water on the east and west banks. Good access to a jetty near the holiday park. Better angling opportunities are presented from boats and canoes. Launching opportunities are available near the Holiday Park and Jetty.

Ocean & Surf Fishing

Charters and beach fishing options will keep serious anglers entertained while the rest of us are too gob smacked by the scenery to make a decent cast.

Princetown Beach

Surging shorebreak has caught many seasoned campaigners unawares

Species: Australian Salmon, trevally, snapper, gummy shark
Location: Turn off the Great Ocean Road onto Old Coach Road East 18km east of Port Campbell
Access: Via a 650m sandy track (steep in parts) from the north of the parking area or by following the sandy banks of the Gellibrand River to it’s mouth 750m.
Caution: Gravel road gives way to deep sand very quickly visitors without 4WD need to take the first opportunity to turn right when approaching the small car parking area.

Port Campbell Pier

This might be the best setting from an ocean jetty anywhere in the world. Enjoy!

Species: Australian salmon, squid, trevally
Location: Lord Street Port Campbell
Access: Pedestrians share access with vehicles and boat  trailers  launching via the crane on the pier. Access is reasonable to the upper level, steps to the lower level.

Newfield Bay

Be on the lookout for seals herding salmon in the inshore gutters (a good sign that the salmon are running in good numbers)

Crofts Bay

Rockies, weed and snags can bother at times often productive. Great offshore scenery

Species: Australian salmon, trevally, snapper, gummy shark
Location: 11km east of Port Campbell
Access: From car parks on the east side of the Peterborough bridge (steep sandy tracks.) Access (when the Curdies river mouth is closed) is also possible from the main car park on the west side of the bridge.

Childers Cove

Even bottom at times some productive gutters in winter. Great offshore scenery

Species: Australian salmon, snapper, gummy shark, skates and rays
Access: Sandy tracks and steps

Charter Boat Fishing

Take to the waters with an experienced fishing guide to explore the unique fomations on the Shipwreck Coast whilst hunting large snapper, shark, sweep flat head, salmon and barracouta. 

Port Campbell Boat Charters

Port Campbell Boat Charter's fully surveyed boat (the Orca III) caters for both the novice and experienced anglers. All fishing gear and bait are supplied. Fishing trips are available for a duration of 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours. 

32 Lord Street, Port Campbell
Phone: +61 3 5598 6366