Be embraced by natures indulgences
Explore the raw beauty of the coast, lakes & craters

Paddling - Kayak & Canoe

12 Apostles Coast & Hinterland has interesting waters to explore for both beginner and advanced paddles. Vistas range from the iconic pinnicles and sea cliffs of the Apostles, gorges and bridges to volcanic lakes and soothing estuaries.



Take a Dip - Swimming

Whilst much of the coast west of Cape Otway is not recommended for swimming, there are a few bays, lakes, rivers and estuaries that are a little safer to cool off in on a hot summers day.

General hazard ratings have been included for beach locations and refer to the ratings below.

* Least hazardous: 1-3
* Moderately hazardous: 4-6
* Highly hazardous: 7-8
* Extremely hazardous: 9-10

Under Water World

The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Arches Marine Sanctuary and the surrounding bays, are world class snorkeling and scuba diving locations. Explore the shipwrecks of early settlers, rock and cave formations and placid bays, all teaming with fish, crustaceans and vegetation. 

Located in the Southern Ocean, waters west of Cape Otway can be rugged. Conditions can change rapidly, even within the surrounding bays, and strong ocean skills are encouraged. Water temperature in summer is between 17°C and 19°C and in winter can drop as low as 12°C.

Ship to Shore

Nothing spells relaxation and good times like dropping the boat into the water. Whether you are packing the fishing rods, waters skis and wakeboards, a local cheese platter, or tackle box and rods; the ocean lakes and rivers around the 12 Apostles region provide a picturesque backdrop for a perfect day on the water.


Surf's Up!

Powered by the relentless Southern Ocean, there’s plenty of swell and plenty of surf locations along the Twelve Apostle coastline. Most of these waves however are strictly expert only, with challenge access and quickly changing conditions creating just two of the hazards.

For beginner to intermediate surfers, Warrnambool and Port Fairy to the west and Apollo Bay to the east, provide the best opportunities. All locations have active surf schools.

Lured by the Lure - Fishing

Ocean, beach, estuary, river and lake, the best of it,  is all within casting distance of the 12 Apostles Coast & Hinterland area. Explore the world famous Port Campbell National Park with a fishing rod in tow. Fishing does not come with a more dramatic setting than this.

Tee Off - Golf Courses

Memorable golfing opportunities guaranteed to lower the blood pressure, if not your handicap! See what happens when you take a swing by the sea or a whack by the volcanic waters. Throw the clubs in the boot or contact our local clubs for a set to hire.

Take to the Trails

12 Apostles Coast & Hinterland region has endless amounts of walking and riding trails covering coast, lakes, ancient volcanoes and farming landscapes. Trek around the world famous panicles, sea cliffs and gorges within the Port Campbell National Park, or take to the trail discovering lakes and craters formed by volcanoes ten of thousands of years ago. 

Run Like an Animal

Nose to the wind and hit the trail, invigorating runs and jaw dropping scenery from a brisk morning head clear to an 106km off road epic, we've got you covered!

It pays to be a little bit prepared and some of the longer runs and loops off the Great Ocean Walk don't receive great mobile coverage. So throw in your favourite trail running shoes, a camel pack for hydration, first aid kit and a mobile phone or camera. Let someone know before you go and find a friend to run with............coz trails this good just need to be shared!