Stewart Park

Try your luck at spotting a platypus at Skipton's beautiful Stewart Park! Sitting on the bank of Mount Emu Creek this peaceful park is a perfect picnic spot!

Beautiful Stewart Park lies on the bank of Mount Emu Creek, Skipton.  Originally the township's police paddock, the peaceful park now features remnant red gums, picnic facilities, native gardens, a cable suspension bridge, and a billabong!  

But the biggest draw of Stewart Park is definitely the resident platypus population!

The platypus is a highly unusual but distinctly Australian animal! It is a duck billed, beaver tailed, otter footed and egg laying mammal. When the platypus was discovered by confused European naturalists they thought it was a hoax! However, we know that it is not and a recent trapping survey confirmed that there are platypus breeding successfully right in the heart of Skipton township.

Stewart Park provides you with viewing platforms over Mount Emu Creek where you might be lucky enough to spot one of our shy monotremes! The best times to chance a glance? Early morning or later in the day.